February 25, 2021


Unlike high school, when going to college, group study, group exercises are often done by teachers. Group scores are calculated for all members, so how can a group study achieve good results? Studying in a group is not simply a good study. Many students study alone, but it is the opposite of group study.

In fact, students who study well and have good results always study in groups, often students will be the leader, the most active member of the study group. So how do group studies benefit? Let’s find out too!

Studying in a group will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses

Not everyone is a person who knows everything, some people are good at one subject, others good at another. And that is the law of compensation for people in the same group. Studying in a group will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and those who learn with you will know everything. In addition, each person has a different way to take notes.

Practicing responsibility

Studying in a group, doing group exercises is a common assessment result. Effective group study will often set separate rules and requirements. For example: Every Sunday afternoon is a group study day, you will come to a friend’s house to do homework, ask everyone to have done all the exercises of this section … So, if you come to study The group that you do not do the homework or equipped with the required knowledge for the lesson will feel very embarrassed. Studying in a group helps create a balanced learning motivation for group members.

Increase thinking and critical skills

Studying in a group is supportive, cooperative, but at the same time, it is also competitive when discussing something. As a result, team members will be able to think faster, be critical and creative. The group study environment ensures a deeper understanding of the knowledge that you may miss if you study.

Give yourself a fixed amount of study time, increase your ability to focus, and be motivated to learn

Usually students are like that, and not just students, people are always trying to find a way to let the “laziness to the throne” lose their focus on other things. As simple as this, you plan to study this afternoon for chapter A, when it’s almost time for class again, you need to make a hot cup of tea, then read a story, then surf Facebook for a while and study. OK. Therefore, you once again push away from the original study plan.

Group study is different, group study always creates a subconscious in your mind that everyone will come to study like you. When creating a sense of balance, why do people learn and they don’t? Therefore, you will have a sense of self-awareness and focus during group study.

Studying in a group also increases the rivalry in learning, bringing you to the desired limit. It’s as simple as: Why is A student better than me? Why did class B get better grades than me?

Above are some of the benefits that group study offers. Studying in a group will help you have a better study path. Studying in a group is similar to learning with a tutor, except that the tutor is a person who understands the lesson better, has more teaching experience, and will help you navigate the best learning. Studying with a good tutor at home is a perfect choice!

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