February 25, 2021

Do not turn learning into a burden on children

Facing the situation of rampant tutoring and tutoring nowadays, besides the number of parents who are worried about fear of bad influence on their children’s health, there are many parents due to high expectations for their children. , so in addition to the school curriculum, they also force their children to take extra classes according to a set schedule since the beginning of first grade.

The parents force their children to learn more to their liking, along with the school-filled curriculum of knowledge, which makes the time for children to rest and relax more and more narrow.

In addition to the pressure of time, children are also under pressure from their parents, if parents check their homework and find that their children have bad grades, they will scold and punish them in many ways to make their children feel increasingly depressed scared.

A consultant adviser commented: “Parents who seem to have forgotten that they once had a kid who stole books to go to school, ignoring the warmth of their children being forced to do well in school. It is important to remember that forcing children to learn, requiring children to achieve goals beyond their ability will result in children being hard-headed, stubborn, against parents and teachers and inhibition in the learning process ”.

For high school students, especially those in their senior year, the pressure from parents is greater because the goal that parents set for them is to pass a university they have targeted. available from before.

Many families who know that their children have been accepted to university have organized a celebration party, or rewarded them with expensive gifts such as motorbikes, even cars or traveling abroad …

On the contrary, if the child fails, the family atmosphere is heavy and gloomy. Some children who are “boycotted” by their parents do not bother to ask and ask questions for a period of time, making them feel rejected and abandoned. Children who understand their own “sins” will not be forgiven if they still cannot go to college next year.

Instead of the comforting words they need after an unsuccessful test season, parents make their children more embarrassed for letting their parents down. Many students feel scared, I don’t know what will happen to me if I fail the exam next year.

It is also necessary to mention cases where parents are concerned that their children’s love afflicts their education, so there are very harsh prohibitions. They do not think that they have hurt their spirits and feelings, causing further deterioration in their academic results.

As a parent, everyone wants their children to study well. It is essential that children strive to thrive, but we should not expect much, but should only ask children to try to achieve as much as possible.

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