February 25, 2021

Effective math self-study method

Passionate and self-conscious

The saying, “Pursue your passion … Success will chase you” is a good saying when you put yourself in it. Only when they are truly passionate about math do they have the motivation to learn on their own and learn better. They treat maths as one of their favorite activities. Besides, find yourself the reasons to learn math to find a passion for math. When you are really passionate about learning math, you will find that learning or doing something related to math is very natural and comfortable.

Parents should also help their children orient and build a love for math by explaining the importance of their learning, including math in fun quizzes and stories. Turning math into familiar things will make children more familiar with math, at the same time forming attachment, and gradually a passion for math.

In addition, students need to learn on their own. Today, the use of phones, televisions, playing games … has taken up a lot of time in the day, even making children neglect learning … Parents should remind their children to focus on learning, promoting self-respect senses, compliments children at the right time to learn self-discipline. In addition, parents should actively separate children from electronic devices so that their children do not become too dependent on these devices.

Determining goals

Setting goals in learning is extremely necessary and important. You set specific goals for math from an early age as well as goal setting subject groups later. When you set goals, the score will be different, setting a goal of 9 points in math will be different than setting a goal of 7 points. Accordingly, they must always make efforts and try to pursue their goals, which is the most effective method of self-studying mathematics. The goal will be motivation for learning because they will know what they need to learn and for what.

For children, the initial goal may be just remembering all the numbers from 1 to 10, counting and calculating within the range of 1 to 10. As they get older, they can gradually increase their goals to memorization. multiplication tables, scoring 9 in the exam, ranking in the top 5 in the class. The goals can also be changed to reduce the stiffer, such as knowing how to calculate the grocery price with the mother, the mental arithmetic faster than the father, ….

Find effective and appropriate learning methods

Methodical learning is the way learning should be applied in all subjects, especially math. When you have the right and appropriate method to learn math, you will know what you need to learn and when it is most effective. It is these methods of learning math that will help them learn the right focus and be more effective. Therefore, create your own learning methods that match your ability to practice and succeed.

Depending on their age, ability, interests and personality, they can learn better with visual aids, when one-on-one instructors, while in a group study, when discussing, when reading, when practicing through exercises and examples, … Parents should pay attention to the child’s learning effectiveness in each case to determine the most appropriate style and method of learning.

Currently, UCMAS is one of the most effective intellectual development programs in Vietnam. Coming to UCMAS, children will experience the Abacus and Intellectual Arithmetic program in accordance with international standards. UCMAS possesses an advanced, scientifically recognized learning method that helps children increase their ability to focus and develop maximum intelligence. These are extremely important fundamentals, laying the foundations for every other learning method your child will learn later.

Make a study schedule

Setting a schedule is essential, especially for children who are new to self-management and time allocation. They should set themselves a study schedule for the day, during the week with class, specific subjects, can record the parts of knowledge that need to be focused more to harmonize the knowledge sections of mathematics. .

Mathematics is usually divided into special subjects and the corresponding math forms for specific exercises. When studying to where they should review and make sure to go there, schedule yourself to review the topics and array of learning just learned. In order to effectively study mathematics, you should go to where you want to go, not studying in a way that one piece of knowledge is moving to another. They should adhere to the principle of learning to the point where they practice and master the knowledge right at that time.

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