February 25, 2021

Effective time management skills for 9th grade students

Define goals and set a learning plan

The most important goal of 9th grade students is to pass the 10th grade entrance exam. To achieve the goal, 9th grade students are planning a specific learning plan. The plan should show lessons that need to be completed by a specific time. For example: Students need to spend time every day on subjects, which subjects need a lot of time, and which subjects need a little time. Or in order to pass the entrance exam, students need to focus on which subjects, the system of knowledge, etc. When having a study time plan, children will gradually conquer and take initiative in learning.

Effective time management thanks to some good habits

9th grade students need to develop habits such as getting up early … Early sleep will help the brain, organs in the body to rest. Since then I have more time for positive, day plans. Not only that, children need to eat regularly, exercise to help them ensure health for learning. Or at recess, you can clean up the study corner to help the space open, create a comfortable mood. When there is a relaxed spirit, learning is more effective.

Take advantage of the most effective study time of the day

The most effective learning time is the time when your child’s brain is most concentrated. For each student, there are different effective study time, be it early morning, noon, afternoon or maybe evening, … 9th grade students should spend the most effective study time to complete. into important and complex learning tasks that require more brain activity. The less focused periods you should complete moderate study tasks.

Use effective learning methods

Knowing how to apply effective learning methods will help grade 9 students reduce their learning time and bring about high learning results. For example, the method of learning using thinking diagrams will help children with a scientific system of science, easy to understand, and easy to remember.

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