January 15, 2021


1. Relieve stress

“Children like buds on branches – Know how to eat, sleep, study is good”, but in the present life, most parents only care about choosing schools, choosing classes so that children learn as much as possible. . With a dense schedule and a mountain of homework, children gradually feel increasingly stressed and tired. If this happens regularly and long term, it will affect the health and physicality of children. In order to help children balance their lives, parents need to encourage children to participate in extracurricular activities such as playing sports, listening to music, … thus relieving the mood and regaining interest in learning.

Hours of exercise bustling laughter

Today in schools, especially international schools, often integrate extracurricular activities into the program to help children relieve stress, create a comfortable atmosphere, and absorb more homework. Instead of fixed a PE class like other schools every week, Western Australia Primary and High School increases the number of PE classes by 2 to 3 periods so that they can have fun and play freely. The school also regularly rotates games such as soccer, volleyball, swimming, … to increase the interest of its students.

2. Increase health

When participating in extracurricular activities such as playing basketball, football, camping, chasing, … children will mobilize the body comprehensively, thereby helping to develop physically and high resistance. The campaign helps children control their body weight, is beneficial for the heart and helps them be more flexible. In addition, children who regularly participate in extracurricular activities will form good entertainment habits, not too dependent on video games leading to game addiction, watching TV. This is very beneficial for a child’s vision.

3. Expanding friend relationships

The biggest and most noticeable effect when participating in extracurricular activities is bringing a happy life to children. Collective activities help children make friends with their peers, this helps them understand how teamwork, sharing and cohesion.

Extracurricular activities help children bond with teammates

On the other hand, when interacting with active and talented children, children will also become more flexible. According to experts, children who have many friends are less likely to show depression, anxiety, developmental language, so they will be more adaptable and adapt to new situations. Therefore, children participate in extracurricular activities to help children become more independent and mature.

4. Easy to integrate, adapt to life

Many parents think that, apart from learning activities, children just need to play more sports and learn martial arts. However, in order to practice life skills, the above activities are never enough.

Extracurricular activities are opportunities for children to explore the world

At Western Australia School extracurricular activities are not necessarily sports. Children are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities, camping, performing arts or dancing. These healthy playgrounds help children to express themselves, have fun, live right for their age. In addition, for children to develop in the natural environment, constantly in close contact with the surrounding world to help children develop in many aspects, learn how to adapt to many different situations.

With children, everything that is happening in this world is new, lively, attractive and always stimulating curiosity. When children play, play in the nature, they will have the opportunity to discover, learn and add more knowledge to themselves.

5. Increase creativity

More than just a subject, extra-curricular activities are a combination of physical activities, communication and life skills. Regularly participating in extracurricular activities organized by the school will train the sense of independence and collective consciousness to develop oneself fully in both Literature-Tri-Fitness-America.

My hand painted the whole world

Many scientific studies have proven that extracurricular activities help children feel comfortable, confident and happy when exploring the world. Extracurricular activities help increase children’s creativity, help children observe more activities in life. This makes children smarter.

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