February 25, 2021

Good tips to teach your children politeness: 10 things parents should AVOID and DO

Parents should understand that children are like a blank sheet of paper, so no one can be polite at the same time, but they need to be taught by their families. Teaching children politely is not a difficult job but just making the following mistakes can affect your personality and life later.

5 things parents should avoid to teach children politely

“Children spoiled at mother, grandchildren spoiled at grandmother” is the pampered way of women with their children. When you are spoiled, you will be stubborn and difficult to protect. Therefore, it is difficult to teach politely children. Many families make mistakes after teaching children that will make them frustrated and resentful, which can lead to children disobeying and protesting. Parents should pay attention!

+) Teaching children to be polite is absolutely not to use negative words

It’s not natural to have a child with a lazy or slow personality, … These are transient behaviors. The reason for the lazy children may be due to improper teaching methods, the slow may be due to the lack of guidance, …

When children have such expressions instead of criticism, parents should encourage, encourage and encourage their children. Avoid negative words that make children become self-deprecating and bored like: Why are you doing so slowly, who are you so lazy, so stupid, so ignorant, … These words accidentally hurt you injuries gradually become depressed and ignored, even frustrated with protests that cause emotional restraint.

When people resist, inevitable vulgar words, so to teach children politeness should avoid negative parents!

+) Profanity is easy to impress

A parental joke, everyday expressions in front of children can also make them imitate. Therefore, to teach children respectfully, obediently means not using vulgar words. In particular, parents must remind children not to say those words.

+) Do not comment, compare children with other children

Many parents often bring their children with neighbors, children. Always want your child to be like “their son”. But that’s all due to the way parents educate their children from an early age. Children also have self-esteem, so don’t compare them because the starting point is inherently different.

Teaching children to be polite, obedient and obedient with what they have and mainly from parents will be very easy for their self-awareness and awareness from learning to helping parents.

+) Using superior attitude to force children is the wrong way to teach children politely

I was polite to everyone when I was respected by everyone. Do not force or force children to listen to them but let them have their own ideas. Questions like how I feel, in my opinion whether it is good or not, … will help children both have their own opinions and promote their intelligence.

+) Teaching children politely means not giving commands

Vietnam is influenced by Eastern culture as adults say, children have to follow. If parents, teachers ordered children will make children dissatisfied in their hearts. Since then, the child has no good attitude, insolent. Therefore, teaching children politely means avoiding giving orders to children.

5 things parents should do to teach children more polite

Things that parents should avoid are the above, so how to teach children politely? Try the following method when teaching your children, especially when you are starting to speak.

+) Teach your children politeness from home

Not only teach children politely to grandparents and parents in the home, but also to keep that attitude towards everyone older than themselves. Parents should teach their children how to call their siblings, aunts, uncles and parents. What should I do if I’m younger than myself? Those are the first steps to forming a good baby!

+) Teach me to greet everyone with a friendly smile

Greeting is not compulsory, parents when teaching children politely with adults must teach why they should respect them, how they should be respected by their children, etc. Thus, my greetings will be It is not obligatory, but respect and sincerity. Tell me, “A greeting and a smile will make everyone happier!”

+) Teach your children politeness to know Up – Down

The important thing to teach me to be polite is to help me understand what is up and down. The rule “Upper glass, lower yield” must be applied. When you have altruism, tolerance and natural respect you will know how to be polite!

+) Teach your child how to say thank you and sorry

Even adults, many people do not know how to say thank you and sorry. It may be because they are not used to acknowledging their fault and not understanding what is right and wrong. From an early age, in every situation, please tell your parents where to say thank you and when to say sorry. When you become aware of that, you will automatically become a good and knowledgeable child.

+) Parents and grandparents should always set an example for their children to be polite

Who you contact with a lot will learn from those people. Therefore, children are the mirror of parents and grandparents. In order to teach children politely to adults, the parents in front of their children must also be polite to siblings (uncle), parents (grandparents), …

Also, when your child is at the age of speaking, can babble pronunciation, then say polite words. Being polite to you will help you to follow and be polite to others.

The above article has shared what to avoid and what to do to teach children respectfully. Parents can apply immediately to see the effect! Wishing parents success and have the princess and the docile prince, polite!

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