February 25, 2021

“Hard work and self-discipline are the masters of all masters”

This will be an important saying for you to try and improve your learning.

There are many different methods for effective learning, you can learn from teachers, friends, books and the Internet … However, all the given methods are just theoretical, if not implemented and intended. determination. Here, the will is not something high, it’s just hard study and self-discipline. This is the most important factor to achieve initial success.

A few examples, if there is a student who is quite good, steady. Each summer comes with a brother or sister to tutor for some time and instill useful learning experiences. However, those things are worth nothing if in the long run you do not add them and that student is lazy to learn, without effort and determination, most of the results will probably be known to you, and will It is very difficult to get into the school of your choice.

About learning in class:

The subjects that are not his blocks follow, they try to study well, but as he flattened under 5.0 three years in high school also suffered minor damage (damage to anyone who competes in the Armed Forces). The subjects of his block follow, listen to lectures and do homework, everyone knows it. There are friends in the UK that bring Casio Fx 570 computer “conjugate verb” then “monumental” too. For your subjects with special care. It is also important to ask teachers, friends …

About studying at home: The importance of being “hard-working and self-conscious” doesn’t have to be said anymore. Take all the hard work in the class, homework. “Civet” all the forms in the reference book I bought more then it must be unmatched. Remember to be entertained again to make it comfortable for you to study well (listening to music, relaxing walking, watering plants, playing soccer …). Remember to play well, learning is important. Those who study too hard but also entertain too “have the opposite results.” When studying any subject, try to read it carefully, read the theory several times, and do the exercises to master the theory and the formula.

Reference on the mass media: In the era of information explosion today, the reference and study on the mass media is very necessary and important. Especially from the Internet, it is a treasure of knowledge both humanity. Learning and exploiting on the Internet also achieved high efficiency. However, you must know how to exploit from the Internet, there are many good documents on different forums. Due to integration and a market economy, he finds that the websites now charge relatively compared to students in rural areas.

Above are the simple experiences, it is important that you “work hard and be self-master of all masters”.

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