January 15, 2021

The requirements about security for the SAP environment

As businesses evolve, more and more information needs to be secured with close relationships, shared around the world from one place to another, protection of critical data has become complex and more challenging than ever.

Five years ago, most of the IT attacks have been aimed to deploy the operating system. Today, new threats from new types of hackers appear more and more, they use malicious software. For example, they install dangerous viruses on links to steal information when users visit. They steal the most valuable data for you by tracking and attacking your confidential information from the infrastructure to the application.

When prompt to protection of important data, SAP has made extensive efforts to help yourrs software run securely. However, because modern attacks can threaten the entire technology, a truly robust security strategy may require a more comprehensive approach to security issues.

If you are exploring the benefits of deploying this important information in the cloud, here are three issues set out to protect your SAP data:

1. What is your security breach strategy?

Do you want to have a perfect software? You want all of your information to be secure and secure. Suppliers always try to do the best for you .Make sure you understand what is important in your environment. Information from these systems should be effectively synthesized and analyzed to understand your security weaknesses and be used to help prevent violations.

2. Violation and effective solution

Providers must have a clear strategy to respond to security incidents. Suppliers should work closely with customers to establish a security plan or direct you to services and a quick and safe resolution when you have a problem with the need. This should include features such as critical emergency communications, clear roles and responsibilities, frequent fake exercises to check plans, forensic data collection procedures, and personnel. Receive service information and ensure that customers know how your cloud provider handles security issues.

Although some cloud service providers may not provide feedback services, you may still be able to obtain these services from third parties, including other cloud service providers.

3. What are the achievements that biaton’s organization has achieved?

The current analysis of the threat can detect early security discrepancies and allow you and your provider to prepare for countermeasures against potential violations and eliminate the dangers

To assess the ability to detect and prevent infringements, the ability to detect and prevent infringements may be required if they have a primary certification such as ISO 27001. Simultaneously, you can also find support from key vendors such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA and FFIEC.

Security and find out some information on the IBM Cloud Think Tank at Think 2018.

To learn more about how IBM Cloud integrates security products to detect, resolve and prevent violations, join Think Tank in Think 2018.The session will include a many different deep session.


Alibaba’s cloud mission continues to connect with Chinese suppliers announcing a range of products for continental businesses in infrastructure, automation, information security, and sensitive issues and more.

The company has published eight products in total and has shown a certain potential. In terms of infrastructure, today’s launch, the ECS case and the high-performance computing cluster for European customers have left a strong mark.Although these two products are currently in operation, the launch of Alibaba’s Small Business Network (CEN) will be launched in April. The company describes it as a “global network to rapidly build a distributed business and mixed cloud system, helping users create enterprise and network scalability” of a cloud computing, the ability to share information with each other will be increasingly expanded and enhanced.

For large data and AI, Alibaba’s products are deployed for European customers including image search with available tools and commercial chatbot – both available today and used easy – but more attractive product is Dataphin. Described by the company as a “single point” of PaaS data, the product provides data integration, data management, inventory modeling, document identification and distraction, and asset management proliferation and security issues.

Also included in the launch is a new SaaS-based vulnerability detection service as well as Apsara Stack, which provides a scalable cloud service platform deployed on an international scale with the adoption of proprietary technologies products from more than 120 enterprise customers.

It is certainly a long way since July 2015, when the company launched $ 1 billion in funding to expand and enhance its cloud computing operations. In 

“Alibaba Cloud wants to be a technology innovation tool in Europe helping business enterprises. “We continue our strategy with Europe and look at how we can contribute more to the digital transformation of businesses in this market from different fields through our offering and expertise, we aim to increase the efficiency of our economic development. “

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